Newsletter – March 1999

Report on 1998 Reunion:

In John Huefner’s words, “This was the greatest family reunion I have ever been to in my entire life!” Now John oughta know. Several commented that the reason it was so great was because we were all away from where anyone lived, and we were living together for the weekend with no distractions of home. Carpenteria Beach was beautiful, the swimming was great, and our programs were awsome. We talked and visited and got to know each other better. Those who didn’t make it, eat your hearts out.

Thanks go to Margaret Penfield (HYRUM), chair”man” of the esteemed committee, along with our undying gratitude to Todd & Jennifer Peterson (HUEFNER) for feeding everyone every meal during the weekend. And the food was great! Thanks also to all of the other committee members. The preparation meetings were some of the best times ever had.

Ruth Stead (DONNA) has agreed to be the committee chair for the 2000 reunion to be held in the Salt Lake area. The suggested committee members are Marvin Smith, Denise Anderson, Gilbert Isom, Miriam Skeen, David Huefner, Linda Jo Adams, and Juana Mestres. This mailing is notice to the committee to “take it from here.”

Dwayne Vance (ELDRED) will be forming a legal family organization for us. At the 1988 reunion we raised some money from the raffle and silent auction to go toward the 2000 reunion, the specifics of which can be obtained from either James Isom or Margaret Penfield, or both.

Anyone who wants a full address list of the family, let Gary Smith know: (714) 838-6158, 10791 Harrogate Place, Santa Ana, CA 92705, fax (714) 505-3006, email: Please provide updated information as follows: Births, marriages, deaths, new addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. It is especially asked that you provide email addresses since this can be a very effective way of communication to the entire family.

We are sad to announce the passing of Carleen Isom, and our condolences go to

James Isom (CLEONE) and his family.

Have a wonderful 1999, and we can all look forward to meeting again in great numbers in 2000.

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