Newsletter – December 1994

Hello folks. Here is the news from each of the eight branches of the family. Unfortunately, we only have news of Sam’s family within the Cleone group of descendants. Hopefully news of the other children of Cleone can be included in the next newsletter. Also, we are missing news of George Huefner’s family in the Helen line. But not a bad response for the first time out of the box. The way it’s set up, there is a representative for each of the eight children of Hyrum and Martha, and they get the news on all of the descendants of that child of Hyrum and Martha and report it to the editor of this sheet. Thank you for all of your good work in this respect.

Also included is an updated list of descendants. With babies being born all the time, please check to make sure everyone is listed. Also, addresses change, and some of the kids get married and now have addresses of their own, so we need those addresses as well so these mailings can reach them.

We would like to have a reunion for all the descendants of Hyrum and Martha in Salt Lake City sometime during the summer of 1995. Would anyone volunteer to head up a committee for that purpose? We need to set a date and place soon so vacations and travel can be arranged early to correspond with the reunion. The committee can determine the specifics, but we would think it would include FOOD, games, time for talk, perhaps presentations on Smith family heritage, photograph displays, music, etc. Please respond to Gary Smith (714)838-6158; 13072 Cortina, Tustin, CA 92680 with your suggestions, contributions, and especially your willingness to serve on the planning committee. We had hoped to get this out early enough so the information could serve to help family members communicate with each other over the Christmas holidays. With addresses and telephone numbers, this should assist you in this. Again, please update any information which is incorrect or incomplete and future newsletters, will have that information.

How many of you who receive this have personal memories of grandfather Hyrum G. Smith and grandmother Martha Smith? Perhaps as part of the Christmas Season those of us who do have these memories can share with our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren some stories and recollections of these two who not only made it possible for all of us to be here, but who set an example as to why we are here and how we ought to live.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


SAM & Margene: Margene was up for re-election as the Davis County Clerk- Auditor, and she had what was thought to be a formidable opponent. When the election was over Margene won with 74% of the votes–the paper called it a landslide. Sam has been retired for a couple of years, so it is nice for them to know that one of them still has a job for four more years.
MICHAEL is very busy as a full-time paramedic/fireman/part-time contractor/part-time race horse breeder/full-time father of five. Joan 4 works full-time at Nordstrom’s in S.L.C. Also, Joan’s invalid mother has moved in with them. The whole family is very busy.
CYNTHIA and Kevin both work full-time, and with six children sometimes they are not sure if they are coming or going. Wendy graduated from Steven-Henegar College; Gwen is attending Weber State; their youngest is in Jr. High. With church, fixing cars, and chasing children to activities, this is a very busy family.
JEFFERY is the head football coach and athletic director at Middleton High School near Nampa Idaho. Wife Shelia is expecting their first child this coming April (it’s a boy). Within days, Jeff’s adoption of Shelia’s son, Shane, should be final.
BRAD and Phyllis are living in Omaha. Brad is Vice President of a tele-marketing firm. His work has him traveling a lot, but not to his parents’ area, so they don’t get to see his family nearly enough.
KATHLEEN, the youngest, has probably had the most eventful year of any of the family. She has been going through a very long and painful divorce for nearly a year. In July her divorce was final. She has met a young man from Australia, Richard Watson, and they married on October 15. They, with Kathleen’s three children, live in Jackson, Wyoming.



Eldred and Hortense traveled to Independence, Missouri in October to attend the semi-annual meeting of the Board of Trustees for the Joseph Smith, Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family Foundation. The meeting was held in the council room of the “Temple of Peace” of the Reorganized Church. Discussion centered around the activities sponsored by the foundation and the attempt to build relationships in the extended family.
Eldred and Hortense rejoice in the recent addition of four great grandchildren. They also recently went to California for grandson Zack Isom’s missionary farewell. Both Eldred and Hortense are well and happy and always hope and pray the same for all the family. Eldred will celebrate his 88th birthday on January 9.

Miriam and Ted Skeen, with their son Tom, spent two interesting weeks in Europe last May. One week in France and one in Switzerland. Tom’s ability to speak French was a real help. News of Miriam’s kids: Jim and Des Skeen had a baby girl, Mairyn Audrey Skeen, on Oct. 22. Joe and Paula Skeen are expecting their 5th boy in January. Bob and Sue Skeen are temporarily living in the apartment in Jim’s house. The Skeen boys are ready to hit the ski slopes again this winter. Cindy and Bob Mccullough have two daughters, Heather and Katie, in the Jordan Youth Symphony. Heather is the concert mistress. Ten is now a substitute teacher for Granite School District and spends a great deal of time at schools. Her daughter Jennifer is in the school band and has a part in the school play. Gary is busy working at Hertz as a mechanic. Scott is going to the U of U and working for Jim at Subway. His wife is working 3 jobs to make ends meet. One job is also for Jim at Subway and the only time they see each other is when they work the same shift.

Gary and Elizabeth Smith keep busy with 5-year-old Jordan and 20 month old Sam. Jordan is enjoying kindergarden and a song-and-dance troupe that will perform at Knott’s Berry Farm this Christmas. Sam is saying all kinds of new words–most of them sound like “car.” Fourteen-year-old Ashley is down from SLC in the summer and holidays (and for most of the stake dances!). Now sans braces, Ashley enjoys her new school and her drill team. Elizabeth’s mother, Bessie Shaw, lives nearby and is an important part of the family.

Gay and Arden Vance have 3 new grandchildren: Mindy and Jeff Valdez had a girl Shakelle Aubrey Valdez on May 5; Ron and Patti Vance adopted a girl McKale Breann Vance, born Sept 6; Natalie and Howard Hurd had a boy, Tucker Ron Hurd, on Oct 13. Dwayne and Cheryl Vance are living in Camarillo California where he is practicing law after graduating magna cum laude from BYU Law School. Heidi still lives at home with her daughter Megan and works at Crosslands Care Center. She has her CNA and is licensed by the State. Marci works for Human Affairs International and is very busy in her work. Neither Marci nor Heidi have plans for marriage for a long time, they say. Arden retired in May but still keeps plenty busy.

Raynor Smith is working for Funjet and keeps those free travel passes coming in. He spent some vacation time with Gary and Elizabeth Smith this last year, and it was a wonderful time together.

Sylvia and Craig Isom’s family is growing up and out. Brady is in the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo mission (historian and in charge of transportation, etc); Zach is in the MTC in Provo preparing to go to the Guatamala City Central Mission; Amy is a cheerleader in high school; Jed is in the band in a different high school; Erin is in the chorus in jr. high school; and Krista is in 1st grade and taking piano lessons from Amy. The Isoms joined the Smiths in Tustin (& Palm Springs) for Thanksgiving this year.


Helen’s husband JOHN was 90 in Oct. and still gets around pretty well with Clark’s help.
Helen’s son JOHN is heavily involved in scouting on the District & Council level, and works as a custodian in the LDS Church Preventative Maintenance program. His wife Cleo is a nurse at Castleview Hospital in the O.R. John & Cleo took a fun tour to the Mexican colonies in March and had a grand time. They invite any and all to visit them in Price.

Now for a report on John’s children: Jon (and Kim) has come from teaching college in Bakersfield to S.L.C. to be a research analyst for Human Affairs International. Their baby Kate was born July 15, Michelle will be baptized this year, Shaun is in 1st Grade, and Keven, 3, is really cute. Rebecca (and Matt) are in S.L.C. where he works as a bench jeweler & stone setter. Baby Thomas was born May 11, who joins Joacob (7), Nick (5), Sarah (3), and Sam (21 months old). They all had a fun weekend at Lake Mead. Bill also returned to S.L.C. after a year in So. Calif. Joe (and Tammy) is getting a business degree in S.L.C. and living with Joe’s mother after selling their home. They have 3 children: Tyler (5) Allison (3), and Spencer (15 months). They went to Disneyland this summer. Cathy (and Michael) moved back to Chandler, Arizona after spending a couple of years in the Boise, ID area. Michael works for a sign company in sales. Andrew (4) and Alexis (1) brighten their lives. Howard (and Mindy) moved from Arizona to S.L.C. where he works as a plumber. Mindy is an asst. dir. in Day Care. Braden (2.5) is their son. A very sad note: twenty-two-year-old Andrew was killed in a one-car accident north of Beaver, UT on July 27. His parents miss him very much.

Cleo’s children are also doing well. Linda & Allen are in Augusta, GA; Lindsey and Jill are in Logan; and Noland and Bonnie are in S.L.C.

BETTY: After 25 years of a tumultuous marriage and six children, Betty and Leon Mason were divorced in 1986. Betty married Charles Briggs in 1991 and together they have 11 children–all married and in S.L.C. except Betty’s youngest son, Steven who is on a mission in Zurich, Switzerland. He’ll be home in April, 1995. Susan Bennett (32) and her husband Jerry have 3 boys. She works as a secretary at Becton-Dickinson and Jerry is a machinist at EIMCO and at a home business. Michael Mason (30) is attending the U of U and is an accountant at CookieTree, and his wife Kursten is going to BYU. Darryl (28) and Karine Mason have a little boy and girl. Darryl is attending Utah State “U” and is a salesman at DAW. Brent (26) and Michelle Mason are expecting a baby in May. Brent is going to Westminster College and is a night manager at American Express and Michelle teaches 5th grade. Arlene (23) and her husband, Roy Veenendall have a little boy. Roy works with his family’s business, George’s Plastic Laminating.

Betty’s husband Charlie is a retired school teacher from the El Cajon/San Diego area. His children live in the San Diego area, Oregon, and Salt Lake. Charlie has eleven grandchildren.

Charlie and Betty live southwest of the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon in Betty’s house that they recently remodeled. Betty is a life insurance underwriter and secretary at Intermountain Health Care Hospital’s central office. Betty and Charlie keep busy with family, church, traveling and square dancing.

DAVID: With wife Mary Ann they have had a graduation, doubled the number of grandchildren and had a wedding this year. David is thinking of retiring from Hill Air Force Base in January, and Mary Ann is teaching second grade in Salt Lake. Jana graduated from LDS Business College in June and is working in a day-care near her parent’s home. She plans to continue her education in early childhood development. Jeff and wife Jane had their second daughter, Riley, in June, joining 3 yr old daughter Paige. Mike and wife Graciela had their first baby, Justin, in October. Doug and Kimberle had daughter McKinley in November, joining daughter Alexis, 8, and Adam, 5. Richard was married in July to Hayley Millington from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The family all had a wonderful trip up there for the second reception.


10-9-94 Sun Valley
Hello family!

As Miriam’s only child, and having grown up with my step-family (much like Donna’s children), I guess I have the job of family representative by default. I am happy to find a few moments to bring the Smiths up to date on my own family.

I have two daughters, one in Phoenix and the other in New York City. My husband, Lee, and I are travelling with our black cocker spaniel “Cinder,” throughout the USA in our Volkswagen Westphalia. We have leased our property in New Hope, Pennsylvania, and are hopeful it will sell so we can really be “foot loose and fancy free.” In May we went to Phoenix for the birth of my grand-daughter, Joy Desirae Dunn on May 27, the second daughter of my daughter, Michele Dunn. Michele and her husband, Michael have started Morning Star Mission in Phoenix to network assistance for those in need, such as the homeless. It is a non-profit organization which receives and distributes donations of items such as food and clothing, as well as services and money. Michele and Michael met doing this work, and are able to help at least one person per day. They would welcome any donations.

When Lee returned from business in the Phillipines (he is an international security risk management consultant–call if you are a hostage) we then, continued on the road through Grand Canyon, Zion & Bryce Parks, arriving in Southern California for the 4th of July with Dalton family. Then to Lake Tahoe for a week–back to So. Calif., and by early August off up the coast of Calif. into Oregon and Washington.

I flew east for one week late Sept for the 2nd year of a course I am taking in Princeton on the Bowen Family Systems Theory. Returned to Oregon for a couple of weeks where we traded in our worthy, but becoming smaller everyday, VW for a comfy 28 foot state of the art RV. Our plan was to go to Lake Louise & Banff, but we had delayed into IFFY weather, so at the Columbia River in Oregon we turned south & are now heading for SLC (via Sun Valley), and for the east by the first week in November. We had a wonderful visit with Miriam Skeen, Verona, and Cleone while in SLC in mid-October.

We shall visit with Lee’s brother in NYC, also our daughter Nicole while there. Nicky graduated Emerson College in Boston in 1989 with a degree in musical theater. She has a wonderful voice, is a serious actress & good dancer. She plays flute, piano & drums. She has played Jesus in “Godspell,” & directed it; played Cassie in “A Chorus Line;” & the role of Evita in “Evita.” She has recently written a play with music which is currently under consideration. She lives with her dog, Chess, and makes her living by waiting at Morton’s of Chicago–a premier steak house located close to Times Square. She continues to study & audition.

I have two step-sons through Lee, and we will visit one of them (Lee, Jr.–an architect married to a chemical engineer), along with our granddaughter, in New Jersey, and then head south for the winter- -possibly Florida. The other step son lives with his wife in Rhode Island. Lee and I will be celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary on December 17.

I am still active in RE–am connected with a referral network in USA/CAN/MEXICO. Anyone anywhere with RE needs should call my office: 800-724-5311 & leave a message for me.

Love to everyone. Hope we can do a reunion in 1995.


BARDEN’S WIFE, JOSEPHINE enjoys her apartment at Highland Cove retirement community. She keeps busy with friends. Although her eyesight is not as good as it used to be, she still keeps her own home, drives, and cooks an occasional large dinner for family.

Daughter LINDA and husband Todd are enjoying the family home they bought in 1988. They have three children. Traci, the oldest at twenty-three, was married this past May to Scott Brocktaeier. They live close to home in the Holliday area. Jeremy, age 19, is going to school and works with his brother-in-law Scott. He is still living at home. Youngest daughter Megan will be five one week before Christmas. She is gifted musically and artistically.

Son BARDEN E. and wife Carol moved to a new home in Redondo Beach in September. They added a son, Tyler Barden to their family on October 2. He joins a sister Stephanie who turned four in August. Bard E. and family visit each Christmas in S.L.C., but because of the new baby, will be unable to come home this year.

Barden’s family wish all their Smith Family cousins, aunts and uncles the best of Holiday Wishes.


Hello to all and wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The Hyrum G. & Golda E. Smith Family!
I have been retired for eleven years and Golda and I enjoy the beautiful climate in Encino, California. We spend our time with our children and grandchildren whenever possible, for the last eight years, we have enjoyed spending the month of June in Lund, B.C., salmon fishing. Sundays you will find me teaching the Gospel Doctrine class and Golda in primary with the Valiant class.

Marvin E. Smith and Stephanie Zeyer Smith: After ten years in Glendale, CA, they are attending the University of Wisconsin, at Madison, working on their Doctorates in Mathematics Education. They hope to be finished by summer.

Matthew (20) is serving a mission in Washington D.C. North. He is an Eagle Scout and lettered twice on his High School Water Polo Team, He attended BYU his freshman year as a Physics major.
Lisa (17) is a senior at Madison Memorial High School. she has participated in gymnastics for many years and she is a California and Wisconsin State Champion. At present she is coaching gymnastics,
Debra (15) is a sophomore at Madison Memorial High School. She is an honor student with a 3.9 plus gpa and a captain on her high school gymnastics team. Debbie is Mia Maid Class president and in her spare time works at the Subway Sandwich Shop.
Margaret Smith Penfield and John H. Penfield: John and Margaret live in Thousand Oaks, California. John manages the Trade Finance activities for AEN-Moto Bank (a Dutch bank), which requires a long commute to downtown L.A. He is counselor to the High Priest group leader in their ward and Margaret serves in the stake as music chairman. Raising seven children, singing and playing piano keeps her plenty busy!
Michelle (20) is a sophomore at BYU majoring in wildlife and range resources. She enjoys intramural volleyball and skiing. She is the choir director in her ward.
Janette (18) is a freshman at Colorado State Univ. She is a starting player on the volleyball team and on full scholarship. She is majoring in poli-sci, and serving as a stake missionary in her ward.
Carolyn (18) is a freshman at University of Arizona also on full scholarship for Volleyball. She is currently in the NCAA playoffs and she will be a starting player next fall. She is majoring in family relations and loves pottery, singing and institute!
John (15) is a 6’3″ sophomore at Thousand Oaks High School. He plays on the soph-fresh basketball team and varsity volleyball team. He loves bikes, cars and wrestling with his dad!
Scott (13) is in the 6th grade at Redwood Int. School, He loves BMX bikes, inventing and building things, photography and wrestling with dad!
Ryan (5) is excited to be in Kindergarten. He loves playing soccer, riding his bike and just being with friends.
Steven (2 3/4) is a real joy. He loves to watch Disney videos, climb the tree out front and help his dad! He’s Ryan’s best buddy!
Hyrum E. and Ora Hydrick Smith: Hyrum and Ora are living is Mesa, Arizona. Hyrum is working with mainframe computers for Andahi Corporation. They have bought a lot in Mesa and are looking forward to building their new home soon.

Hyrum H. (10) has just returned from science camp. Science is his love and he had a great time.
Taylor (9) loves crafts, cooking, math and reading the book series “The Indian in the Cupboard.”
Preston (5) started kindergarten this year and loves school and learning. He is always asking questions or talking about something. He is the redhead in the family and has a strong-minded personality to match.
Ian (3) is the image of his Daddy! He is a very sweet little boy. He loves his new baby sister and gets right up to her face and talks to her so sweetly. It is precious to watch.
Makayla Christianna (4mo.) is a wonder of wonders–a little girl after four very active boys. She looks like she may be the second redhead in the family, Preston said he didn’t care if the baby was a boy or girl, just as long as the baby had red hair!



VERONA is the last of the three daughters of Hymn Gibbs and Martha that contracted Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.). Helen Huefner and Donna Smith died earlier and Hymn Gibbs Smith died at age 52 with complications of pneumonia after having M.S. (or creeping paralysis, as it was known in the 1930’s). It was also thought that Annie Maria Gibbs, mother of Hyrum Gibbs Smith, also had M.S., and whether genetically or environmentally transmitted, has ceased for the family.

Verona, although she has little use of her arms or legs, and spends much of her time in bed, still has a clear mind and a cheerful disposition. Bunny is able to get Verona into a wheel chair and then into the car for a daily ride. Bunny’s retired years are devoted to taking care of Verona’s needs.

CATHY and Scooter Patrick live in Upland, California where they preside over their automotive business. Porsche Lynne Patrick is in her junior year at B.Y.U., while Christopher (Tufter) is a senior at Upland High School and Penny is a sophomore. Tuffer is captain of the championship school soccer team as well as doubles partner of the winning tennis team. Penny is into cheer leading and flag team.

BOB and Heidi are busy in S.L.C. with work in school administration and Utah State contract work. They preside over the success of their family. Bob has long been in the bishopric. Daughter Kelly is married to Gary Facer and has given up her teaching career to raise her family, starting with our first great-grand daughter, Emilie. Heather is graduating from nursing school this summer as an R.N. Lisa will receive her degree from the U of U and is engaged to be married. Jaime is attending Scripps College, a prestigious school in Clairmont, California, on a full-scholastic scholarship. Steffanie will graduate from East High School where she was also homecoming queen this year. Son Robbie was the all-star football and baseball teams of the region as well as the outstanding student.

JOAN and Bishop Brent Dial, of Sandy, Utah, await the return of their son Brandon who is serving as assistant to the president of the Peoria, Illinois Mission. He will arrive home in time for Christmas and to register to continue his scholarship studies at B.Y.U. Alissa and Dusty are attending Skyline High School in Salt Lake where Alissa is on the school dance team and Dusty is the starting catcher on the baseball team as a freshman. Misty is involved in dance and singing.

DENISE Anderson with her four boys is the only member of the family who stayed in beautiful Gig Harbor, Washington, where Verona and Bunny lived for ten years. This beautiful country, with the beautiful waters of Puget Sound and the large trees have a tender spot in the hearts of Bunny and Verona. Their four sons, Tyler, Chad, Rett and Clint, ages nine to sixteen, are actively engaged in art, school, athletics and church. Tyler writes and illustrates his own books and Rett was the all-star football player on the regional football little league team. Bunny and Verona seem to be so far away from them that they can only wish they were closer to watch all of their activities.

BRET and Debbie Clark of Sandy, Utah have sold their beautifully remodeled and decorated home and are building a new large home in South Jordan, Utah. Bret is still able to run his cabinet factory while coaching his sons in little league. Their four children, Bryan, Kristi, Kyle, and Alex Rulon (if you can believe that name) are all involved in sports, dance, school and church.

MIKE and Cynthia Clark are happily married with daughter Rachel, now two years old. Mike works with Brent Dial’s huge Cottonwood Mill and Cabinet Company while finishing his studies at the U of U.


Hello family!
Milton E. Smith and Valoy Frandsen Smith: Milton is currently assistant dean of the School of Management at BYU. He and Valoy live in Orem where he serves as bishop of his ward. “Mitt” has three children with Donna: Terri Lyn, Randy, and Ruth, and five children with Valoy.

Terri Lyn Smith Ballstaedt and Rock Ballstaedt: Rock and Terri Lyn live near the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City. Rock runs his business and runs marathons, most recently at St. George. He is Young Men’s President in his ward. Terri occupies her time raising eight children and wrapping up a degree in English at the U of U. She is also Merrie Miss teacher and camp director.

Joel (22) is a senior at the U of U, having returned from his mission to Germany last year, then spending half a year studying in Israel. He is the manager at a Mexican restaurant.
Brooke (20) is a junior at BYU and also just returned from studying in Israel. She is engaged to be married on December 30.
Smith (19) is on a mission in Argentina.
Sage (18) graduated from Brighton High School where she served as Senior Class Vice-President. She now attends Ricks College.
Benjamin (16) is a junior at Brighton High and plays on the school football team. He is now officially an Eagle Scout.
Seth (14) works three paper routes in order to buy 3 different kinds of guitars and sound equipment. He serves as the priesthood pianist in his ward, and is in the accelerated program at Butler Middle School.
Amber (10) loves ballet and piano, serves as her mom’s right hand man.
Erin (8) just got baptized. She is an excellent student and lives to dance and sing.
Ruth Smith Steed and Craig Steed: Ruth and Craig also live near Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City. Craig is an owner of a publishing business, which includes Aspen Book and Gold Leaf Press. He is a counselor to the High Priests Group Leader in his ward. Ruth is the Stake Young Women President to complement her job raising 6 kids. They just bought a lot in Draper on which they plan to build in the near future.

Monica (17) is a senior at Olympus High where she is the team captain of the women’s basketball team.
Sarah (15) is a sophomore at Brighton High where she plays on the women’s basketball team.
Aleena (12) is a 7th grader at Olympus Junior High where she demonstrates great leadership and social skills. She plays competition soccer.
April (8) attends Cottonwood Elementary School and excels on the piano and at ballet.
Douglas (5) attends kindergarten where he is making lots of new friends.
Russel (3) attends pre-school where he excels at being cute.
Randall Smith and Beverly Norton Smith: Randy and Beverly recently moved with their family to St. George to join a firm doing Church architecture throughout Southern Utah. They spent the last 4 years living in Orange County, California near cousin Gary Smith. Randy is the Blazer A leader and Beverly is a counselor in the Young Women’s presidency of their new ward.

Lindsay (10) is a 4th grader at Panorama Elementary School where she participates and performs with the Panorama Pythons student choir.
Suzanne (8) just got baptized in September. She is a star 2nd grade student and joins Lindsay in taking dance classes.
Angela (6) is making lots of new friends in the 1st grade and is taking a gymnastics class.
RJ (Randall Joseph) (3) is active at everything. He is the life of the family and pretty much runs the show.